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Tennessee Department of Safety, has authorized "Live Streaming" of classes.


We use The National Safety Council's Curriculum and Certification.


Our Classes are Live Streamed Straight to your device and credited the same as if you were in the classroom.


"Zoom" Account Required.




Tennessee 8-Hour Defensive Driving Course


8-Hour, 2 X 4 "Zoom Live Streaming"

Take this class in the comfort of your own home!


Our 2 x 4 class is a 2-hour a night for 4 nights and taught Monday through Thursday, from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM each evening, with the class ending on Thursday at 8:00 PM.

Upon completing the course, your certificate of completion will be emailed to you the following day, and your original certificate will be mailed to you by USPS.​

To receive full credit for this course, you must be logged in for the entire class each day.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

These are State of Tennessee, Department of Safety, Approved Defensive Driving courses. If you were directed by the Department of Safety to take an 8 hour, "Defensive Driving" course, we have the course you need and a schedule that works for you.


Take this course in the comfort of your own home and get credit as if you were in the classroom.

Driver 1st is a National Safety Council and the State of Tennessee Certified, driver's improvement traffic school. If you received a traffic citation, or just want to lower your insurance, Driver 1st can provide you with the educational training you need to meet your goals. We offer Tennessee's 8-hour Defensive Driving courses along with a professional and fun atmosphere so you can get the most out of our courses.

What participants will learn:


Participants learn how to recognize both potential and immediate driving hazards and how to avoid traffic violations and collisions in a variety of driving conditions. They will develop a personal plan for making safe and responsible driving decisions.


NSC Defensive Driving Courses 


The NSC Defensive Driving Course is our most comprehensive driver-training program, delivers the highest level of research-driven content, defensive driving strategies, hazard recognition, and learner retention exercises. The multimedia presentation includes a full library of videos and interactive scenarios depicting today’s most risky driving behaviors, road situations, traffic incidents, and more.


Course objectives: 


This course will help influence drivers to make positive choices to improve driving behaviors and attitudes and encourage respectful and lawful decisions to avoid collisions and decrease traffic violations. It provides you with the knowledge needed for collision prevention techniques that focus on behavior, judgment, decision making, and consequences.


Course objectives include the ability to: 


Understand the consequences of distracted, fatigued, and impaired driving. Recognize the habits of defensive driving.  Better understand vehicle technology and safety features. Identify personal driving behaviors and risk-taking tendencies. Improve hazard identification and assessing risks. Develop a plan for making effective driving choices


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